History of Ethereum Classic Video Advice


Hi All,

I’ve decided to spend this weekend making a video about the history of Ethereum Classic.

My plan is to basically go off the timeline at the bottom of this page:

If anyone has any advice, or can point me to any video footage/ images you think I should use, that would be great.




Thanks for putting the effort, sounds really cool! Unfortunately I wasn’t here from the beginning. However i’ll post some links and findings that i found and hopefully others can share their parts as well.

I really liked this interview:
The History & Future Of Ethereum Classic - By Charles Hoskinson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQZB3pAhjP4 (whole talk is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMNhOIUcOYo)
We also had our first summit: https://etcsummit.com/resources/

Here is a character that I found interesting from the history on reddit:
A user ‘whatisgravity’ joined reddit on july 17th 2016 and made a post saying he is patching ethereum client that will default to original chain

A day after he opens an issue on github and on july 24th he asks the community to help

From the github issue we can see some familiar faces like splix, Charles Hoskinson, Cody Burns, arvicco,…

He stopped posting on reddit for some time (disappeared) and then posted again saying he was working on an ETC project:

I know that i gave some really specific things and probably left out a bunch of important things so I encourage others to fill in. I think we should gather as much data as possible about the history while we have members who were there from the start.

P.S. I’m not saying you should put these things in the video, just sharing my findings :+1:


One fantastic place to begin (personally where I would begin as the research is already there) is the Grayscale ETC Investment Thesis

They point out a major issue which was not the roll back itself, but the way the voting was handled. After losing 40 something million in ETH, users where very reluctant to stake their remaining ETH in a Carbon Vote. The Foundation only gave 12 days to the eligible voters, yet only 6% actually voted.

Please make sure you get that factoid in there :smiley:

Pretty un-democratic


I’ll definitely get that in.

@ClassicIsComing, hope you don’t mind if your voice makes an appearance in the vid. I liked the point you brought up with Christaian Seberino in (Ep#28 9:50 - 11:30) about how Ethereum got the “Ethereum” name and the GM bailout.


absolutely no problem @Gandalf :smiley:


Hey @ClassicIsComing and @phyro.

I’ve completed the video. I would have liked to include way more detail and create more of a documentary than a short history, but I’ve got to get back to my day job tomorrow. In the future I hope to produce some content that explains how it works - not in complete detail but give people a solid understanding of mining, full nodes and how the network works. This will also help my own understanding.

I used some of both of your resources - thanks for the help!

Here is it: https://youtu.be/k6oZIr-WrRY



@Gandalf I love it! Thanks so much for doing this. I like the other videos on your channel as well :+1:


This is awesome - from the music to the content everything was 100% spot on :+1: Great job :100: