How can I claim my ETC from the fork?

Hi everybody!
I participated in the first Ethereum ICO, I holded all my ETH during the ETC Fork, but I didn’t claim any ETC, how can I claim them?
Can I do it with the json file?
Thanks !

Yes go to :

  1. MyEtherwallet
  2. Select Network ETC
  3. Select Send Ether and Tokens
  4. Select Keystore / JSON File
  5. Upload your File
  6. Unlock file if it is with your password
  7. Send it to another ETC Address
  8. Done

Many Thanks MM!

Has it Worked?

Sometimes I feel ashamed of my ignorance and for asking so naive questions. hahaha.

Many thanks !

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Nahh it’s a good question. Hopefully you got a lot of ETH before the fork. You should be now rich.:smiley:

Nah, I should have bought more and not sell them long time ago… but still, better than nothing :slight_smile:

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