How I do Can get my etc Back because the wrong Address [Resolved]


How do I can Cancel My Etc Withdraws on Bittrex with TxId: 0xf3996451b26674dbdd53c4433947466234f2ebb3954ced87306042b66af22d5e
Because I Was Input the wrong adress.

it must be sent to Adress: 0xb277b5b0297081fdb74373cd7a93554f845a64cc

not to this Adress: 0x001D3416DA40338fAf9E772388A93fAF5059bFd5

Please Help me


If it was sent already the only thing you can do is trying to find the owner of this adress and ask him


I dont know how to find the owner of that adress ???


You just gave someone free airdrop. Always double check address.


I Really dont understand about Free Airdrop??? Please give some example. Thanks


There is no way than finding the owner of the address and ask him to send the ETCs back. A free Airdrop means that you just gifted someone with some ETCs.


@dodisudarma Actually we’ve got just the thing for that - the Ethereum Classic Messaging System :smiley: Definitely give that a try. You will be able to contact the address owner, but it’s still up to them to “do the right thing.”

Hopefully it helps.