How to add new wallet to ETC github?


Hello guys!
I’m Michael from Atomic Wallet. I can’t post the link here, cos i’m a new user.
It’s a desktop multi-asset non-custodial wallet for ETC and 300+ other coins and tokens.
We make a cross-promo with ETC some time ago.

For now are really interested in adding Atomic Wallet to the wallets list here: ethereumclassic dot github/
Splix advised me to leave a request here.
How is it possible to discuss such an option?



Hi Michael, is it And are you talking about website?


Hi! Yes, it’s our website.
I’m talking about ethereumclassic github io/
But if there any other sources, it will be interesting too!


Guys, are you here?.


Oh the site is no longer used or updated. I’m sure there would be no problem to add you to the site and also to the sidebar of the r/ethereumclassic subreddit.


For better comms and coordination in the future, message us in the ETC Discord


That’s also perfect options! So, what shloud we do to add an info about Atomic to Ethereumclassic new website and subreddit?