I lost my private key


i create new classic eth wallet and record all the information that i need.
went back to my eth wallet and try to send eth into classic eth but accidentally create another wallet address with same password because i though that was same address from initial wallet address. i did not record private key for second wallet address where i sent my eth.
i see all my eth in second wallet but i can’t do anything without private key.
please help what can i do in this case.


If you describe your software and the steps you have done with it more thoroughly, someone might help you.


processed from iphone

  1. i create wallet address from https://ethereumproject.github.io/etherwallet/#generate-wallet with password
  2. wrote down private key and wallet address on my note.
  3. went to my bithumb account and get ready to send.
  4. went back to ethereumproject.github/etherwallet/ to copy address
  5. on first page put my password again (did not realize that was creating new wallet address)
  6. second address was created (didn’t know that time) i copy this second wallet address which i did not record private key.
  7. sent my eth from bithumb wallet to this second wallet address.
  8. i close all the window and went back to ethereumproject.github/etherwallet/ and type first wallet address which has nothing on it.
  9. i realized that something wrong went back to bithumb found out that was wrong address.
  10. i went back ethereumproject.github/etherwallet/ again and typed second wallet address which my eth is there but i can’t move or sell because i don’t know private key for it.

please help me what do i have to do now. thanks. please


You had to download the JSON file or record the private key for your second wallet. If you didn’t do any of that, there is no way to access your ETC. Check your download files just in case.