I made an ETC withdrawal but could not get it... [Solved]

Please take a look at the help I have made an ETC withdrawal from Hitbtc to coinexchange but still not receive the completed ETC message.
transaction hash: bcda0297e6fe36cef83d6212cc5752b46212719e3c9734b25505123c6989ee48
address: 0xa0dbbaeb2ac751c1b87c343eb7d247acf2a85b50
address: 0x9589ab347bdaf5bd12c67865d99d807ac47be178
please help me. Thank you for reading and supporting me

It looks like whatever you sent went here: http://gastracker.io/addr/0x82f9fbd57d31d048a2e95d418bb818e8c15e2307

It did not go to: 0x9589ab347bdaf5bd12c67865d99d807ac47be178

What wallet did you use for this transfer or did you do everything from within HitBTC?

Also there is ultimately nothing we can do, HitBTC and CoinExchange are the two parties involved so you’ll need to contact them to sort it out.

yes, tks you. I just received the ETC number that I had withdrawn


Woo! Glad you got it resolved!

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