IOHK Team Grothendieck | Scala Client, May 22nd, 2018


Grothendieck Mantis Update May 22, 2018

Cleaning Up 1.1
The team is ready to get started on 2.0 and is wrapping up the left overs from the previous release, 1.1. Version 1.1 has been a success, as we’ve not received any reports nor run into them ourselves. With a solid foundation, we believe this is a good starting point to begin adding features.

New Changes
There are some fantastic changes ahead for the Grothendieck Team. including: diverse set of new positions, new team members, new engineers and developers, and new features added to the client. Joining us, we have Ravi Patel as new Grothendieck Project Manager, and Tom Flynn as a Business Analyst for the team. We still retain the original Grothendieck Team and will be expanding the team further.

Mantis Future
Among these changes we’ll be adding a lot of extremely useful and innovative features to Mantis. Ravi will be meeting with the team to organize the project’s workflow into three main code sprints. Alan McSherry will be leaving, but is a stones throw away, working with some other folks from IOHK. We look forward to having our Mantis and the team, grow and thrive.

Mantis resources

We’d appreciate your comments and feedback on Mantis.

Thanks Community. Have a great week!


sad to see McSherry leave, very cool manager from the updates i’ve seen :+1:


Just joined team ETC and reading about what is happening. I wish you guys had shown what exactly is in these sprints so that the audience can understand on a high level what innovative features are being worked on.
It is great with video updates. Keep up the great work.


Yes - we will have detailed documentation on future code sprints. We’ve released Mantis 1.1 about three weeks ago, and are doing some reshuffling, so we haven’t had anything to report on, but we will definitely keep you properly informed :smiley:


Awesome, looking forward to it.


Also appreciate your feedback! Tom will be writing documentation for the client.