IOHK Team Grothendieck | Scala Client Meeting, May 1, 2018

Mantis Update May 1st

This update will be quite brief as the majority of work for Mantis V1.1 has been completed. It’s been a long and arduous 4-5 months of development, but the team is happy to report the successful release of Mantis 1.1.

As mentioned this release is performance oriented, so the UI has been left alone. We’ll be focusing on that in 2.0. As far as syncing issues that have been plaguing users, they have been fixed! Mantis now syncs faster than ever. All known critical issues have been resolved.

Our Mantis Lead-dev Alan McSherry has written a blog post covering the team’s journey to the land of V1.1. Below you’ll find our roadmap.

Here is a list of the issues fixed since last release.

  • EC-362 - eth_call fails when executed in “pending” block
  • EC-343 - Added block header validation during fast sync
  • EC-414 - Add possibility to update target-block during fast-sync and various fast-sync configuration values improvements
  • EC-418 - Security audit: Fixed Incomplete gas values validation
  • EC-421 - Security audit: Validate passphrase size
  • EC-401 - Added proper handling of genesis block import
  • EC-377 - Added missing peer status validation
  • EC-484 - Remove Difficulty Bomb (ECIP-1041)
  • EC-423 - Properly Handle TCP/UDP ports and validate pong message echo
  • EC-497 - Improve discovery and TCP connectivity
  • EC-501 - Verify dependencies via sha256, instead of sha1

Performance Improvements / Enhancements

  • EC-395 - Optimization of ethash validation algorithm
  • EC-470 - Remove bottlenecks in node storage
  • EC-469 - Cache nodes instead of updating them in db every transaction

Mantis resources

We’d appreciate your comments and feedback on Mantis.

Thanks Community. Have a great week!

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