IOHK Team Grothendieck - Scala Client Update, April 10 2018

Team Grothendieck is on track with the development of Mantis v1.1, which is set to be released around late-April. This week the team is focusing on finishing up the various testing on the client.

IOHK has brought in a new engineer, Carlos Vargas, to assist in final stages of development. As of late, the team has been running various tests on the client backend, culminating with a Full Integration test with the User Interface. As mentioned, this testing is almost complete.

IOHK has been receiving feedback from the community on the Mantis client.

Community members have submitted some very interesting ideas which are now being discussed to see if it makes sense from a design and user perspective, then will be implemented into Mantis 2.0. So submit your feedback!

Some of these features may even later be proposed through ECIP’s (Improvements and changes made to the protocol) and be available to all other ETC clients such as Classic Geth.

Mantis resources

We’d appreciate your comments and feedback on Mantis.