IOHK Team Grothendieck Scala Client Update, April 17 2018

Mantis Status Update :hammer:

This week the team is finishing up on development for the Mantis v1.1 release, adding a few new members to help cross the finish line with this release.

As of today, the team’s making its final approach to finishing v1.1. The Release Candidate 3 binary files, are finished and are being tested.

Last week’s regression testing came back with no issues.

The majority of last week was spent getting the RC3 binary together for a week of testing. With the binary complete we’ve begun the series of relentless testing. These tests are being done on machines with a wide range of specs to find acceptable ranges.

Our new member Jeremy, has run the test suite with the RC3 binary on macOS, as well as EC2. Jeremy is a new temporary member with IOHK, based in France. He’s one of those awesome people helping us cross the finish line with v1.1.

The majority of syncing issues have been resolved with the following pull requests:

This includes the fast sync block count issue. There are no outstanding issues on syncing and the backend. Here’s a list of merged Mantis pull requests.

v2.0 :gear:

With Mantis 2.0 on the distant horizon, team is set up and excited to get started. We will be bringing new personnel additions, as well as additional resources for the Grothendieck Team.

Features request implementation for v2.0 are being discussed by the team. As mentioned, some of these features may later end up proposed via ECIP

As for v1.1 there is still a lot more testing to do with the RC3 binary, including a lengthy Snappy Test.

At the risk of upsetting the software gods, we are 99.99% of the way there.

Mantis resources

We’d appreciate your comments and feedback on Mantis.

new project manager? Is McSherry leaving?

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Alan’s here for the long haul :smiley: we’ll just be adding another manager.

Glad to hear that! :+1:

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