IOHK Team Grothendieck | Scala Client Update, April 24, 2018

Team Grothendieck Update

Alan now has his new microphone, so there wont be any crackling on this update.

This week it’s all about the 1.1 release of Mantis.

The team has been relentlessly testing the RC3 binaries since last week. All UI use cases have been tested i.e. wallet creation, account creation, transfers, mining, connection to other clients through private networks et cetera.

We want to make certain everything meets the with the high standard of quality associated with IOHK. Testing has been completed on Mac and Windows machines and RC4 binaries have been completed, and are now being tested, mostly for longevity.

One significant test conducted on Amazon EC2 with, a compute optimized machine, revealed the high percentage of CPU bound during the download and sync stages. This is one reason why we recommend users use the bootstrap level db provided.

ECIP-1041 Difficulty Bomb Removal is also being integrated into the 1.1 release. The bomb removal is set to go in effect at ETC block 5.9 million around May. We plan on having the release ready with more than enough time for ECIP1042.


Details for 2.0 release are still being ironed out. As discussed in last week’s update, the feature requests offered by the community are now being considered. We have a good idea on what will be included and integrated, as well as possible ECIP’s that may come out of it. The team has meeting’s for the next stages and evolution of Ethereum Classic.

Mantis resources

We’d appreciate your comments and feedback on Mantis.

Thanks Community. Have a great week!

Classic Kevin


He mentioned there will be some meetings amongst the community starting tomorrow. Is he talking about cooperative board members getting together and discussing the future plans?

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Internal meetings with IOHK :smiley: We’re getting 2.0 ready. If you’ve got anymore feature requests i’d write them down now haha Meeting’s tonight at 2am my time lol

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