IOHK Team Grothendieck - Scala Client Update, April 3 2018

IOHK Team Grothendieck Scala Client Mantis Update


The team is working on fixing a couple of issues which where discovered after regression testing of Mantis last week. This week we will be looking into resolving these issues for the v1.1 release, which is set for late April. As mentioned before, version 1.1 will be performance focused and plans to make UI changes in future releases.


  • Morden Testnet node discovery
  • Mining block sync issue, not keeping up with latest / recent block

These are setup issues unrelated to the API.


  • Performance Benchmark: tx execution locally syncing from a master node 1M blocks from 14hrs to 6hrs

  • Advancements have been made to last weeks problems regarding peer discovery

  • EC-509 is the solution to the state node issue after completing fast sync.

With all this work ahead of us, and a Scala Conferences coming up, the team has a lot on its plate, and is focused on putting high quality technology into the hands of the Ethereum Classic Community.

Here are some helpful links to Mantis resources

We’d appreciate your comments on features, requests, or anything related to your experience.