IOHK Team Grothendieck | Scala Client Update, July 3rd, 2018


Team Grothendieck Scala Client Mantis Update


The team is back in action. As mentioned in previous updates we have a few new members. Ravi Patel is our new project manager, Tom Flynn is our new business analyst, and five more Scala focused part and full time engineers for Mantis 2.0.

The Grothendieck team page and related YouTube channel is being updated by IOHK design to accommodate the new team members with related photos and brief bios. Our vision for 2.0 features is available on GitHub so users can get an idea on what we plan on including. A special thanks goes too Cody Burns, ETCDEV Team advisor and blockchain architect who suggested one of the features.

Quick Summary:

  • ERC20 & Full #Ethereum Support on the way
  • Ethereum Byzantium HF & EIPs going through ETH Test Suite for Mantis
  • IELE & KEVM Testnet access
  • Team is working on precompiled, & reward contracts
  • New Mantis opcodes.

With all this work ahead of us, and a Scala Conferences internal meetings coming up, the team has a lot on its plate, and is focused on putting high quality technology into the hands of the Ethereum Classic Community.

Here are some helpful links to Mantis resources

We want to hear from you. Post your comments on features, feature requests, or issues related to your experience using Mantis to the Feedback Section.