IOHK Team Grothendieck - Scala Client Update, March 13, 2018

We want to welcome back the entire Grothendieck Team! Everyone is now officially back in action from the grueling 8 week Barbados Haskell course. The team is hard at work preparing Mantis for the performance focused v1.1 Release.

The massive amount of pull requests are now merged and closed. ECIP-1041 is fully integrated in v1.1, which aims to be ready around the second week of April. A few things are still in question regarding the user interface. We may need a UI fix / change, but as these changes do not affect the client’s performance they may be implemented in the following release.

EC-414, a pull request regarding fast syncing_, has successfully been merged, and implemented. This feature enhances the performance of the fast sync capabilities of the Mantis client.
Many users made us aware of the syncing issues which made this a high priority. Also the bootstrap ETC database file has also been updated, so if you need to download the chain, do it now.

  • This file will periodially be updated for users, and is recommended for users with low spec machines who cannot process downloading & syncing the chain locally.

On grateful note the Ethereum Eclipse attacks, targeting Ethereum based nodes (& in turn ETC nodes) thankfully did not affect Mantis nodes. This attack essentially maxed out the number of allowed incoming connections into a node client, such as Geth or Parity, which created limited access to the blockchain. Many users were having connection issues. Luckily again Mantis was not affected and changes to the codebase where not needed.

We need your feedback!

This can range from:

  • User Experiences
  • Feature Requests: Schnorr Sigs, Sharding, VM

All Feedback is Welcome