Is there any re-branding plan?


Sia just went thru the whole brand asset alignment process - seems like it all went well & smoothly ; )


Yeah and it didn’t completely remove the brand’s identity. POA and SIA did a good job. Plus PIVX went through its transformation last year. It’s not a bad thing - if it makes sense logistically then why not? :smile:


@Bwana created a thread to a basic style guide for etc, one of our guys put together.

Check it out, let us know your thoughts, just sharing our ideas. :slight_smile:


Looks great, although i like the phoenix on the forum head much better. Looks much more aggressive with ehe longer wings :slight_smile:

I’m also sort of 50/50 with the naming. On one hand i got used to the Ethereum Classic name but then again ETC is sort of in the shadow of ETH due to market cap and everything. For ETC to thrive and show what it stands for it need to break loose of the “Classic” part. Cant say i have a nice alternative but i’m sure someone will come up with a great name.


The word Classic is held in such high regard in China. Why would we choose to lose our identity just to please a few who think classic needs to be rid of?

Ever hear of Coke Classic? The new Coked sucked so badly they wen’t back tot he “Classic” formula. Think about that :wink:


ETC is the code and the real thing, I like it just the way it is.


I do not think there is a need for a rebranding, remember at the end of the day EthereumClassic is still in its infancy. Also re-branding in the corporate traditional world is normally associated with when times are bad and you need a fresh start or looking to put a negative image behind you. I don’t think ETC has any of those problems.

Ethereum Classic is still at its beginning, it already has an amazing base and launchpad. There is much more to come in the future, I do not think it is being held back by its name in any case. I would say this would be something to consider if ETC is still in the same place in another 2-3 years, but we all know that will not be the case when you look at the projects that are being worked on.


I think a rebranding might be necessary