Is there any stable etc mining pool source?


I want to make ETC mining pool in Korea.
Because US or EU mining pool is too far from korea :frowning:

But I can’t find good pool source yet…;


I believe most use the open-ethereum-pool. You can find it on github:

Also I’d ask @etherninja for advice or perhaps persuade him to expand his operations to also cover your region :slight_smile:



Now I’m trying to build open-ethereum-pool on my linux server :slight_smile:


Ok, hope it will work fine for you :slight_smile:


Awesome @kimjuik !

Mining pools in South Korea are very much needed :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you need anymore help.


I feel dizzy.
It was hard to install because I wasn’t used to it.
I think I’ll do a rough job of it once the geth sync is over.


If you end up having specific questions you can always ask in our mining channel on Discord:

Also going to move this topic from the #help-me section to #mining since it’s more appropriate there :slight_smile:


Sounds like fun :slight_smile:


@kimjuik Give the Mantis Client a go. It offers bootstrapping and other ways to quickly sync the chain.

It offers a cpu miner, as well as integrated functional ethminer to begin mining ETC. :pick:


I 'm trying setup ETC mining pool in VietNam. I have some confuse of building ETC wallet. Do you have any guide for this.