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July 2018 | Monthly Dev Update


  • Brooke Evans joined the team as Human Resources.
  • Mike Lubinets joined the team as Rust Developer.
  • Donald McIntyre aka @TokenHash joined as Business Development.


Added return field status to getTransactionReceipt JSON RPC API allowing users to return status of transactions (failed, successful, etc…) when using the getTransactionReceipt JSON RPC API.

Emerald Platform:


The getBlocks() method only allows query by block range, however, now added a method for getting blocks by number.

getBlocksByNumbers(number: number | string)

Other News

ETCDEV Team, Founder & CTO, Igor Artamonov, spoke with Christian Seberino on Let’s Talk ETC! Episode #45

The team met in Krakow, Poland :poland:. We had great conversation regarding decentralized computing solutions and how ETCDEV can contribute more to the Ethereum Classic community.

Isaac, Darcy, Constantine, Tomasz, Shane, Zack, Igor

Just another day at the office.

Working hard in the office XD

We’re happy to have met with the Fork Log team. Thank you for having us!

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