Just saying hi


Hello all,

I’m buhrmi and I like making browser-based games. Made a couple of games in the early 2000s and now with all these blockchains floating around, I found new motivation to build stuff. Im going to use the unforked (classic) chain. Dont like the main net because its based on broken promises. Imho the person who found the hole in the DAO is awesome and should not be labeled an “attacker”.

Since Im a new member I cant post a link to the project just yet.

Anyways, nice to meet you.



Great to have you here! What sort of games had you been used to developing?

Very interesting seeing the blockchain based games such as Dope Raider on the POA Network.


hey, thanks for the nice words.

I made browser-based role playing games. So naturally my new project is also a role playing game where the players play “hodlers” and they have to defeat the army of FUD :smiley: