Kucoin to Metamask


I saw a similar thread on this topic earlier but OP did not provide more specific information. I submitted a withdraw yesterday morning 1030EST to my metamask address and still have yet to see the coins in Metamask.

I added the token to Metamask yesterday however looking at Metamask now the ETC addition has since disappeared…

Now I’m trying to add ETC back to Metamask via Etherscan however there are now several listed tokens for ETC and i’m not sure which one to choose.

This is the block hash if it means anything… 0xd059140395641b212b1db63329e3f501edf12d38529eacb103aa629e214ae739

If anybody could take a look and help me out i would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. I have already submitted a request to Kucoin and Gastracker. I just want to make sure the coins arrive before the fork and miss the airdrop.



Thanks to all who replied lol but after playing around on MEW it seems I needed to switch the network in the top right corner to the ETC pool and voila they are now showing