Mining Pool Centralization Solutions?


A number of community members have raised the issue on mining centralization. ETC hash rate is made up of a diverse group of miners but one pool primarily dominates them all, Ethermine. Ethermine bounces in a range of 45% - 53% of total hashing power.

Looking at Bitcoin, for example, we see how resilient the network is to mining centralization and ASIC production. What are some solutions you would implement to alleviate this sort of centralization in ETC?

We need more network decentralization NOW!

We got a solution, guys! Seriously. One half of Ethermine users should mine at 2Miners :+1:
2Miners provides the best statistics on the market. Our website is modern (not from the 20th century).
We got both PPLNS and SOLO pools. Just look at this graph. Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

So we should just go and switch from Ethermine to 2Miners. Btw. if you got any problems we have 24/7 support.