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Ethereum Classic General Information

Development Teams

IOHK Team :Grothendieck Team
Commonwealth :Ethereum Commonwealth


ETC Cooperative :Ethereum Classic Cooperative
ETC Summit :ETC Summit Videos

Social Media

Official Twitter : @eth_classic
Twitter : @ClassicisComing

Client Resources

Github : Github
Node List : Pastebin
Chain Explorer 1 : Gastracker
Chain Explorer 2 : ETCChain
Official Documentation ETC Documentation

Mining Pools

  • Pool Name - Fees - Website - Minimal Payout- Payout Time


Looks simulare to




you might want to checkout my mining pool:

0% fee, 0.5 ETC min payout.

Furthermore the pool offers:

  • a twitter notification service on finding new blocks,
  • Integration to an Apple Monitoring Tool
  • Discord chat for support

Would be great to welcome some miners.



Ucrypto - multipool. No registration needed. Algoritms Ethash and Equihash are available:[ETH][XMR][ZEC][ZCL][ELLA][EXP][WHL][PIRL][DBIC][PGC]
Real Anonymous Mining
High-speed Matching Engine
0,5% fee
Full-dimension Protection
Payouts every 2 hours
24\7 support and chat on the website.
We are miners and we know what miners need.
Our website -