Multi-geth: A go-ethereum client with support of multiple Ethereum networks, including Ethereum Classic


Hi all,

We’re developers behind another blockchain project. Recently, we found out that many of our users need to interact with multiple Ethereum networks. However, all of our current geth clients developed by different teams only support one network, and it has been a frustration to use multiple binaries, manage data store folder, etc. What’s more, we learned that a lot of new geth features, such as snappy compression, are not available in many of the geth clients because of the difficulty to merge upstream changes.

As a result, we developed multi-geth. This is a go-ethereum client forked from Ethereum Foundation’s version, aimed to follow closely for upstream changes, and support multiple Ethereum networks. We have just added alpha support for Ethereum Classic network. And we’re grateful if the Ethereum Classic community is interested in testing it out!

Our project page is at Github.

The Ethereum Classic support has not been released yet so you need to build it from source right now. Install golang version 1.10, and run.

cd multi-geth
make geth

By default, it connects to Ethereum. To connect to Ethereum Classic, simply pass --classic flag, like below:

./build/bin/geth --classic

We would appreciate any feedback, bug reports, or pull requests!


This is awesome - great going! @ellaismer We really love to see community collaboration like this one :+1:

Im wondering how exactly customers are trying to interact between chains, just to trade one for another?