My Feedback


My Feedback

First of all thank you @yazanator for making this forum awesome work have been done here!

  1. I would add a good-looking text in the top black bar. Maybe in white or green or make the better choice :wink:
  2. More Categories. Add something like Parity Nodes or News for example.
  3. More User Info. In my opinion like options to set like Miner or Trader…
  4. I think that we all want more Badges to collect a show to others. Just looking phenomenal

This was my Feedback what do you say to the forum



Oh I for sure agree a logo up top would really pop! Maybe a blog section could be started/added? You could hire someone to write posts in there maybe once a week! I enjoy reading news and articles about things that interest me so I’d visit it alot. One final thing, do you think an app could be developed for it? So that way I could check up on stuff while I’m on the go. haha AND FINALLY. Maybe a, “Current ETC Price” thing up top? And be able to choose different exchanges to show the current price from? These are all things that I’d personally find handy and would keep me coming back constantly.


I like the ideas. There is a Discourse app in the iPhone/Google app stores actually and it will work with this forum. My one issue with it though is that it doesn’t do push notifications.


Damm I like the current price idear. Also a section like did This is what I mean


@yazanator and @anthony you should see this. What do you think about this.