My name is Sergio Valenzuela and I'm from Spain


I love cryptocurrencies and especially Ethereum Classic. I totally agree with the principles of ETC.

Graduate in IT Engineering from the University of Valencia, investor, cryptotrainer and trader. I manage the Telegram group of the Ethereum Classic community in Spanish.

Everyone who is interested is invited to participate. We are few but we will grow soon! (Search ethclassicesp in Telegram)

See U in the forum!


Welcome to the forum Sergio! Thanks for managing the group!


Bienvenida Sergio! You r also welcome to join our discord channel:


Glad you’ve joined the forum! I’ve seen the telegram group and your tweets, good stuff. :wave:


Thank you all. :sweat_smile:
I’m here for whatever you need :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Thanks for setting up the Spanish speaking telegram!