Nanopool mining shares problem or not?


hello guys, i don’t know if it problem or not but sometimes i don’t get shares and sometimes yes i get , why and how can i get shares quickly


Can you show us the problem via a link or pictures ?


the mh/s sometimes comes 0 because i don’t get shares so what can i do for that and by the way my device is on and still mining using claymore


Do you mine on Windows or Linux ?

What Internet Speed/Latency do you have ?

Do you get with Claymore any invalid or stale shares ?


yes windows

80mbps download - 5mbps upload

no errors or invalid messages

and what do you mean with stale shares (i’m getting shares but sometimes i don’t get shares )


Blue Shares = just normal and accepted shares
Orange = Pool switched to a new block (to late) sometimes the Pool pays a percentage as it would be a normal share
Green = Shares who were not valid or correct


where can i find these details like this picture ?

plus look at my picture all is green !


My miner is on so as I said just change the pool to their pool and let it run for a while than I can help you more with that problem.


I seemed to have low share rates with Nanopool as well, and Ethermine gave high stale rates. Ethermine had almost 50% hashrate so I started looking for a different pool. Right now I’m mining CLO on coinfoundry.