No Reliable Blockchain Explorer API


I have logged an issue in Github but I’m not allowed to post the link as a new user.

I cannot find a reliable ETC Blockchain explorer API for my app. The only ones I’ve gotten working in the past are Gastracker and ETC Chain. But, I’ve had major issues with both of these.

Gastracker actually gives incorrect results sometimes. For example, some addresses show no balance while other explorers show a balance for the same address. I can prove this because etherhub shows a balance for an address where Gastracker doesn’t.

Etcchain is currently down and has often been flaky.

Etherhub io looks like a good block explorer but I can’t get any information on the API. There seems to be no documentation.

There has been talk of etherx for years, but it seems to have never come to fruition.

As far as I am concerned there is no reliable blockchain explorer API for Ethereum classic. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Especially somewhere with documentation? I have covered dozens of coins in my app, but ETC just won’t work.


Can you please provide an example of Gastracker giving an invalid balance?


I can PM it to you but I can’t figure out how to PM on this website.



[email protected]


Thanks. I’ve emailed you.


I’ve now adjusted it so you can post links and such @AAA sorry about that, it’s an anti-spam measure.

You also can directly query JSON-RPC APIs like:

Working: (ETCDEV) (Ethereum Commonwealth)

Need additional auth: (Epool)

Not Working: (Ethereum Commonwealth)


Thanks. The problem was worked around on my end. The problem was that I included an upper case X in the address when it should be lower case x. Most ETH and ETC explorers won’t accept anything in uppercase, so I can understand why this would be an issue. But, my thinking is that they should not pay attention to the casing of the hex letters in the address. As you can see, I was about to release my app without ETC support simply because of this problem.


Sorry Anthony but none of these links work for me.


None of them are queryable over JSONRPC? Weird. Maybe they’re limiting to specific apps now, not sure.

Anyways glad you got your problem figured out.


wow great!

  1. Correct URL for Gastracker RPC is
  2. ETCDEV doesn’t have any public endpoint at this moment (Gastracker is not ETCDEV, fyi)


Is it at the standard 8545 port?


No, it’s at the standard HTTPS port


If you have no idea how to use JSONRPC:
Here’s a little example of what your account balance indicates
(written in Bash and you need jq (a JSON Parser for Bash))


@anthony thanks for these lists. I’ve been trying to track down the address for these because they are listed on MEW. But, none of these work except for the Gastracker one.

Do you know of any other JSON RPC endpoints for ETC?


Confirming that gastracker and commonwealth geth work.


This one is working fine!