Noob ETC miner

Hi, noob miner here. I followed this link to start mining ETC . According to the link I created a wallet using “geth account new” and started mining with ethminer using the generated address on a ETC pool. How do I check my progress? gastracker can’t locate my wallet to see how much ETC I’ve mined.
My wallet appears here so I guess that the tutorial I’ve found is not good ?


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Your address you have made is a ETH address you could use it if you have got the private key but I would recommend you to make a wallet with that site ClassicEtherWallet

feels good to see an fellow linux user here.
First you need an wallet, if you want to use geth (more difficult) you need to use classic geth, but i recommend you to use or Emerald-Wallet (pretty self explaining) and for mining i recommend the forked ethminer. Reply if you have further questions :slight_smile: