Not receiving funds [Resolved: Sent Mining Payouts to Exchange]


Hello guys,

I have problem. I am mining ETC to Poloniex exchange, since 28th May i didn’t get any coins in my wallet. On ethermine pool i see payouts but funds don’t show in my wallet.

Can someone give me a solution or?


I would start by not using an exchange as a wallet! Who knows where your ETC went. Remember it is not crypto if you do not have control of your private keys.


Thank you for your reply. I understand that exchange is not safe, but that does not solve my issue. As i am miner this thing also happens to other people who also mine ETC. And that is happening since Hard fork. So our funds doesn’t appear in our wallet but we have payouts on pool.

Last funds that we have received is on 28th May. So if it’s not to pool, or wrong address what else can be?


I think your funds are there, try setting a different ETC network?

If you search your wallet in gastracker do you see your funds?


I see my funds that have been mined since 28th May, total 13 pieces. But i don’t see them in my wallet with other coins that i mined before that date.


@Merkes sorry your having this issue. What exchange are you sending your payouts too (never a good idea). Also do you mind providing any more info? That would help us figure this out.

  • Tx ID
  • Receiving Address


Thanks for reply.

Here is my address:

There i have ETC which are mined before 28th of May. Since 28th of May i don’t see new coins in wallet, but on pool i have payouts. When i go to gastracker i see balance since 28th of May, around 15 coins, but i don’t see that 15 coins in my wallet with other coins. Any clue?



thanks for reply. If i search gastracker i see coins that i mined since 28th of May, but i don’t see them togeather with my other ETC’s in wallet.


Again me,

and on gastracker i see only balance from 28th of May, nothing before. Gastracker only show me balance of mined coins since 28th of May. Like i don’t have more coins but in my wallet i have more of ETC’s.


If you look with you can see further back. And it looks like on 28th May wallet was emptied?

So if those transactions were not you… I would change this wallet quickly.


Again, thank you for reply. I have my old funds still in my wallet, and wallet isn’t empty, but new mined coins don’t appear in my wallet.

In wallet i have 137 pieces of ETC, but new mined coins since 28th May don’t appear in it. I see them just on blockchain. Even some people have issues with sending ETC, they don’t appear in their wallets. I am talking about wallets on exchanges and send and receive transaction between two exchange.


This is one good reason why exchanges tell miners not to use their exchange to receive mining payouts. Looks like transactions are still being mined to the address provided.

Because you’re using the Poloniex wallet there is nothing we can do. Poloniex alone controls your private keys and therefore controls access to them. These exchange wallets are not designed to receive mining payouts over and over. Please Contact Poloniex

Do yourself a favor, download Daedalus Mantis or Emerald Wallet or use ClassicEtherWallet and have your mining rewards sent there.

Sorry your having this issue, hopefully they can resolve it for you.

All the best!