On the bifurcation of the ethereum classic


In the past, the etheric was forked from the etheric classic, and the ether workshop was more and more diverse. But the Ethernet network will inevitably be congested for months. Etheric cat is an example. With the development of block chain, more and more functions will be realized in block chain. However, whether the Ethernet network can bear the postgraduate entrance examination. Recently, more and more bitcoin bifurcations, in my view, are the progress of bitcoin, and he subdivides its function into its bifurcated currency. To achieve the diversity and precision of its functions.Assuming that one day Ethereum realizes the precision of its functions through fork currency, what is the future of the etheric classic?


I may not be reading you correctly, but it appears to me that you are advocating a chain split to increase functionality and manage network congestion. If I am incorrect on that interpretation please correct me and ignore this response.
Increased functionality and network congestion management are very important issues which can be addressed in many ways. I feel confident that ETC’s development teams are keenly aware of these and other important elements necessary for a robust and functional blockchain. Given that, I would prefer that our community focus be on encouraging the use of private side-chains, reliable cross-chain interoperability and other strategies which do not result in a network split.