Proposal to support Classic Kevin's ETC efforts with community funds



Use funds from community multisig to support classic Kevin’s etc evangelism work for the first 2 quarters of fy 19 by either a lump sum payment or bi weekly withdrawal to a wallet controlled by Kevin or paid to IOHK for services rendered.


Classic Kevin has been a trusted and respected member of the community since inception and was previously part of the “classic is coming” campaign and has worked as iohk’s community relations manager since the first ETC summit. His personal dedication to ETC and focus on user experience has been unquestionably essential in the past present and future of etc. As the future of the scope of iohk’s involvement in ETC is unclear, Kevin’s role should be secured.

Recommended Time frame

Dec 21st - Jan 12th


As long as one help for ETC eco to grow up und do it good, I am always for support. Therefore, I am for to support Kevin’s work.

And thx you for opening this topic.


For the short one year I’ve been around ETC. I support this proposal 100%.


I say yes. Bi weekly or monthly transfer I think is best. Should there be a change during the first two quarters then neither part is tied up for the whole period.


Is this a sure thing yet or are you antecipating it? If it’s not a sure thing yet, I think 12th of January is a bit early as a timeframe, specially with the the new year around the corner.


I think the funding chould be considered without regards to eventualities. This is at its core ‘community’ work and could be seen as a positive use of the community funds even if development costs are offset by a treasury. The work is difficult to scope, and even more difficult to gig work out.


Thank you for the proposal Dontpanic. Kevin has been a positive force in ETC and I agree with using community funds but only in case IOHK confirms their plans to terminate paying Kevin.

On the other hand, I would also prefer to use the community funds to develop a community funding platform (e.g. fundonomy) or something similar that will benefit the community long term. Not sure about the feasibility of it and costs involved etc…


I hope IOHK doesn’t leave but if they do, sure, Kevin is one of the greatest supporters around and am definitely supporting this.


Although I don’t support the maintenance of a community fund in general, I do support this initiative in particular as I agree Kevin is a key and consistent contributor to ETC community relations. I agree with the proposal as stated.

In the future I suggest a funding mechanism on a per-project basis, rather than a standing multipurpose fund.


I also agree with this proposal.