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Anything from issues, to feature requests like: Sharding, Schnorr Signatures, High Assurance Contracts, New VM?

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Mantis Node Client

Mantis is a “from scratch” ETC client. It retains the functionality that clients such as: Geth (go-ethereum) or Parity do, while using the Scala programming language.

Once downloaded the Mantis client will begin the process of downloading, and then syncing the ETC blockchain (Downloading may be time consuming so bootstrap downloading is recommended).

Once this process is complete, you have full access to the ETC blockchain, including chain data and transaction history. This also opens up features allowing connection and interaction with the ETC chain database. Set up a private network, mine some testnet tokens, and develop your own ideas on the ETC test net blockchain through this ‘from scratch’ client.
ETC Mantis CLI & Daedalus Mantis

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Feature request: peer to peer private channels/chains.
As a network participant, I would like the ability to easily form ETC compliant side chains between known peers. Ie: Peer A and Peer B(…Peer N), all being participants of mainnet, are able to open a private channel with private contracts. Transactions can occur between member peers as needed with anchor points of sidechannel attested to mainnet.

IOHK Team Grothendieck | Scala Client Update, July 3rd, 2018

Interesting and doable. Could I get some short description of a use case or two? Thanks.


cc @Dontpanic :point_up_2: :smiley:


I’ve been wondering if its possible to support multiple VMs. I think sputnikVM is a good idea, but i also like IELE. I’m not sure if this makes sense but maybe smart contract could have an option to define on which VM it should run.
Btw do you guys have a roadmap? I’ve seen some IELE related PRs but i’m not sure whats going on


Yeah I have been rolling around use cases in my mind for the past few weeks.

Track and Trace:
Peer A and Peer B are known to each other and will have several contracts that are exclusively used between the two parties. Their main reason for using the blockchain is to provide a trustless audit trail on their interactions.
Peer A (shipper) will use their side channels to store contract rates for their different delivery routes and weights etc (data that would give a material advantage to competitors if published publicly) with Peer B, C, D, E (each having a private channel)

Track and trace of a shipment can be recorded on the mainchain ETC on a contract using iot sensors(or whatever)

and final settlement can be done using the rates agreed upon by the two parties on the private channel.


Feature request: state archival
On the exponential growth in the size of archive nodes (given linear growth in accounts), does it make sense to have snapshots every N blocks rather than every block? If I need to access the state of a historical block, 1/N of the time I would have it, the N-1/N of the time I could just replay at most N blocks from the previous snapshot. I’m sitting around 1.2 TB with a parity archive node right now.