Rig Building Guide


I wanted to share a step-by-step mining rig build guide that we did. It covers everything from hardware to BIOS and OS settings:

Mining Rig Build Guide.

If you see anything omitted that we should add please let us know!


Thats really in depth guide! Just as a note, i saw a topic on reddit hinting bitmain might build ASIC miner for ethash. I’m interested in your opinion whether this setup will still be profitable for ETC mining if ASICs do indeed come.
Link to topic


Interesting. I suppose anything is possible. And, as history has shown us, if Bitmain did release and Ethash miner it would be a complete game changer as it would render GPU miners all but useless.

Looking at that thread it looks like the post the author was citing is 404’ing now. I personally hope that Ethash remains ASIC-free as it makes mining something anyone can entertain doing.


Would recommend using a Linux Distro instead of Windows, my card has more hashes with it.


Thanks - in the future we’ll do a Linux build, too!