S Florida Noob


Hi all, I am rather new to the crypto sphere since 9/2017. Big ETC & IOHK fan I did the ADA fomo at .09. Figured out cryptos rather quickly the exchange trading no problem. But I still am having a hard time with wallets at 50 my learning is done at You tube. I am late to computers there is much I do not understand anyway gonna try to figure this out. Love that ETC!!


You are very much welcome here. If you have questions please feel free to ask.


How serendipitous is it that the first comment I click on in someone in my age group. I am a 53 year old crypto trader from South Africa.

Also got it pretty quickly and have made small amounts of profit since December when I started.

I was fortunate enough to attend an 8 week online trading Bootcamp starting August last year with Chris Dunn and Rocky Darius. Absolutely pheeeeniomenal.

Hope things are going well for you and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.


When the mainstream media talks about who can understand what crypto and blockchain is and how to use it, they sound like millennials are the oldest folks in the space. I am also 53 and have been studying Bitcoin since early 2016. I bought in October 2016. When I found Ethereum Frontier and started playing with it’s underlying technology and not just the concepts, I was hooked.

Glad to see I’m not the only “old geezer” into ETC!


Yes, the sheer magnitude of it all is mind boggling. There is money to be made as we move forward with this fledgling industry. For now I am in HODL/Buy mode. I think ETH will implode one day and ETC will replace it, time will tell, my gut bet is on ETC, ADA and anything else IOHK will get involved with. The Forbes wright up on Charles Hoskinson has hit the market watch out!!


Ha ha ha. Old Geezer. I was thinking of changing my Twitter handle to CryptoGranny but someone beat me to it!

I’m fairly technical on a front-end level, not enough for in-depth blockchain utilisation. Very keen to learn though. Any advice on where to start?