Saturn Classic HODL Program


Saturn Classic HODL Program

  • Launch date: 6th April
  • Total supply: 31,250,000 SATURN
  • Price: 0.00005 ETC

Much like our original HODL dApp that was limited to ETH, we will now be launching a MultiChain HODL dApp which will also be available on ETC. This allows us to distribute more DAO ownership to interested parties, which is crucial if we want the vision we have for Saturn DAO to become a reality & be successful. It also allows us to continue to bring innovation to the exchange by raising development funds.

You can read the full announcement which goes into more detail on our blog:

There will be two different bonus plans available, and also a no bonus option for investors who want to receive their tokens immediately.

  1. No bonus.
  2. A 10% bonus with a 3 month lock-up.
  3. A 25% bonus with a 6 month lock-up.

If you have completely missed Saturn Network, do not worry you are not too late at all! The best place to learn more would be on our forum - we recommend starting with this thread:

And if you have any queries, feel free to ask!


ETC - Saturn Classic HODL dApp is live!


Happy HODLing!


And here is how you can access our immediate token sale with any wallet:

Ethereum Classic

  1. Send your ETC to the token sale contract below using any wallet that can manage custom token balances such as CEW, Saturn Wallet, Trust, Ledger, Daedalus or Emerald. Many wallets on Ethereum Classic do not estimate Gas limits correctly. If your transaction fails it was most likely due to the Gas limit being too low, I recommend setting 90000 Gas limit to be safe, remember unused gas is refunded when the blockchain confirms your transaction. Do not send your coin from an exchange account or you will lose your tokens.


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Remember only send your ETC to the Ethereum Classic immediate HODL sale address:


  1. You will then receive your Saturn Classic DAO tokens immediately once the transaction is confirmed. Please note you will need to add SATURN as a custom token to your wallet to view your balance.
  2. Thank you and welcome to Saturn Classic DAO!


Pricewatch trading bot source-code:

Complete tutorial on how to use:


HODL Status Update:

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Thanks for your support!


Ethereum Classic

  • Total trades: 4051
  • Total orders: 5279
  • Token count: 87
  • Saturn Classic DAO tokens mined: ~337656 SATURN
  • Total volume: ~14156 ETC
  • Total users: 363
  • Volume last 7 days: ~24 ETC

Over 14k ETC now traded in volume since launch :slight_smile: