Saturn Classic Protocol Launch Sale

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Future of trustless, censorship-resistant decentralized exchanges, our mission is to build a DEX in every blockchain and create cross chain trading via atomic swaps.

Prototype Radex
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Protocol Launch Sale

Price: 1 ETC = 50,000 Saturn Classic
Hard Cap: 3000 ETC

Join Protocol Sale

Our Saturn Classic protocol launch sale, allows you to participate in our crowdsale with ETC and directly support the launch of Radex Classic and the Saturn Protocol onto Ethereum Classic. You will join the Saturn Classic DAO today, ahead of schedule and be part of shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading.

We have prepared an article that gives our thoughts on the current state of Ethereum Classic and why we believe our launch sale is necessary for Radex Classic to be a success. You can find the article on our blog here.

When will I receive my Saturn Classic tokens?

Instantly, the smart contract will send them to you straight away.

Remember to set a higher gas limit than a usual ETC transaction because the smart contract needs to send you your tokens, if you leave the gas limit at 21000 then it will probably fail. I recommend setting 90000 to be safe as unused gas will be refunded when the blockchain confirms your transaction.

Receive Launch Sale Address Via Email


How to participate in our protocol launch sale?
How to add Saturn Classic token to your MEW wallet?
Saturn Wallet User Guides

Saturn Classic DAO Token


Address: 0xAC55641Cbb734bdf6510d1bBd62E240c2409040f
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Standard: ERC223
Decimals: 4

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Feel free to ask any queries about our project here :slight_smile:

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I’ve been asked if you can use CEW to make the transaction, I just tested it and it worked fine.


I’ve had a couple of queries about failed transactions:

Remember to set a higher gas limit than a usual ETC transaction because the smart contract needs to send you your tokens, if you leave the gas limit at 21000 then it will probably fail.

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Also, I have just tested using TrustWallet and it worked perfectly. Love this mobile wallet, so I really recommend it. Supports Ethereum Classic and Callisto.

Again feel free to ask any queries or jump in our telegram and fire away, we love open discussion.

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Looking for ETC communities / groups to share our protocol launch sale in and spread the word, if you have any ideas please do reach out here or on telegram!

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Radex Classic development update:

Added logo to the main post :slight_smile:

Also would love to hear some excitement about Radex Classic come discuss here!

@splix Is it possible to list our token on page? I’ve submitted a ticket #562 but not had a response. Thanks!

Sure, I’ll add it. Unfortunately can’t say when will do it, busy with other things at the moment, but will try to do it in following days

Thanks! Let me know if you need any info :slight_smile:

@saturnnetwork Quick question, what, if any, differences (besides the obvious) are there between the Saturn token on the ETH chain and the Saturn Classic tokens? Thanks in advance for your time.

Thanks for your interest :slight_smile: I would recommend reading our one-pager if you have not already, you can find it here. Every time we scale into a new blockchain, to remain decentralized we will mint a new token and create a new Saturn DAO to govern protocol changes on that blockchain. So if you buy Saturn Classic tokens, you can use them to participate in votes that will regard our protocol on ETC & would receive dividends from the trades on ETC.

For our crowdsale, there are some differences also the hard cap on ETH is much higher as this is what we consider to be our main ICO. By buying Saturn ETH token you also become eligible for our multi chain airdrop formula(which is why our hard cap is much lower on ETC), so you can receive free tokens every time we scale. Also you have the possibility of a 50% bonus with our strategic investor program.

I would say that investing with ETC does give you an attractive “tokenomics” argument in the sense that you will receive more tokens for your money, though you are taking a higher risk because we have to be honest and say currently there are not many tokens available on ETC so our protocol will undoubtedly see a lower trade volume. We are however taking the initiative to help and support developers & projects that choose ETC, so hopefully we will be seeing some great projects appear very soon!

Let me know if you have any further queries thanks!


Just wanted to let everyone know currently we have raised a little over 2k ETC :slight_smile: Hard cap has nearly been reached! Thank you for your support & welcome to Saturn Classic DAO.



Our hard cap has now been reached, thank you for your support! To all our investors, welcome to Saturn Classic DAO!


Looks interesting. I just shared with a few friends in my crypto FB group.


Currently we have another investment session which is live, you can find out more here: