Saturn Protocol Alpha Release (Mimas)


Saturn Protocol Alpha Release (Mimas)

Blockchain: Ethereum Classic
Codename: Mimas
Mimas, the smallest moon of Saturn, is named after a giant from Greek mythology one of the offspring of Gaia.

As announced this release saw the creation of a new smart contract to support the new features being implemented. To make the migration easier Radex will remain as it is for now, once we are live on ETH then we may choose to hide the old version and display the new UI on Radex also. Therefore, we recommend if you have any deposits or open orders on Radex’s smart contract that you cancel them & send your funds back to your wallet.

Live Features:

  • The update and new UI is located on our main website:
  • Our API is now enabled, allowing you to see orderbooks & trade history without needing to be logged into Saturn Wallet.
  • One transaction trading. No deposits or withdrawals required, all trading is done wallet to wallet.
  • Token self listing. You can follow this guide to do it.
  • Our decentralized loyalty program is live, any trading fees you pay in ETC are reimbursed with Saturn Classic. You receive your reward immediately in the same transaction.

Trading Fees & Loyalty Program:

  • No fees for the market maker.
  • Trading fees are 0.25% for the market taker.
  • For our decentralized loyalty program, 1 ETC in paid fees would equate to 10000 Saturn Classic. The amount of Saturn Classic you receive for executing a trade is displayed on the UI as “Reward.”

What’s next?

Mostly this week will be dedicated to monitoring and benchmarking our API, so please do give the new exchange a browse!

Essentially we want to be sure it all holds up before adding more pretty components to our dashboard, and make sure everything is working smoothly before launching onto Ethereum where it will undoubtedly be under more load. So feel free to make some requests, ask questions and do report any issues here on the forum!


Future is bright!