Security issue in geth console Transfer ETC


Hi All,

It got stolen from my wallet on geth console.
This transaction 0x41c8e7d151283b2d234f5f59ecc15ba6cda526825d48ee2fa656370730ae7a56

was not authorized by me.

I was send ether to Binance Wallet :
eth.sendTransaction({from:eth.accounts[0], to: “0x31829a5eb30b48d7d3bab3a6faaa587cb83ea574”,value: web3.toWei(44, “ether”)});
but this command never gone well, all networks card are gone down.

This Transaction was been intercepted, i dont know, how it is possible. Only Buffer OVerflow it is possible? My Node peer is connect over ssl?.

Please Give me any support. I can continue to use ETC ?

I have the system up and running, if no support i will have, all of this go on the News Paper!

Thanks a lot,


I have still the problem, my wallet receive ETC, the Hacker sent (i dont know how) towards his wallet.
Hacker Wallet : [0xE386E3372E3D316Ae063Af50c38704ec6FbA5149]
My Wallet : [0xd4d998A7BC943C3533019C6f7D6e28B7ed7A98F6]

if someone check the transactions can see all time i deposit etc very soon gone deposit the hacker wallet above …5149.

This Hacker has stolen 1,3 Milion $ already. How is it possible to remove the Smart contract or something else from my wallet ? I have update the passphrase but nothing happens,.
Thanks a lot,
Someone help me