Send transactions via code


I wish to do transactions on ethereum classic via code. Like generate my address and send transactions, first on the testnet. I have done similar thing on ethereum wherein i am using infura for blockchain access and web3 to code for transactions. I am new to this community and so wish to know whether there is similar functionality present here. Currently i could not find a service like infura , so syncing the testnet blockchain using geth. How will i be able to write code , as i could not find any cli like bitcoin,litecoin does or any extensive docs like web3 for ether . How should i approach this problem.



I have similar issue.
I’m working on an app where I wanna add Ethereum Classic support. For test purposes, I need a tool to push raw transactions as Ethereum guys have push raw transaction to their testnet ropsten or rinkeby.
Do we have such tool?




@anil215 @rafaelkyrdan try using as a replacement for Infura when specifying the URL. However, you won’t be able to generate private keys on it, same as if you are using Infura, simply because Infura doesn’t want the responsibility of storing your private keys for you.

If you want to generate private keys on testnet for testing, try using emerald-testrpc