Sent ETC but not receive anything

12.01.2018 made trans. to EXMO account address: 0xa8665ac938c5c4f162e15c929d1da86d1feb62ba
Not receive any ETC. All inform:

TimestampJan 12, 2018 9:21 AM
Value0.6599 Ether 659948855293635968 Wei $17.89 Hash0xa97b36bea6c93baf6deae5164b794e458b3b901845e4156bad5a94741edc931c NOnce1665092
From0x9EAb4b0fC468A7f5D46228bf5a76cB52370d068D To0xa8665aC938C5C4F162e15c929D1da86d1FeB62Ba
Block Height5189927 Block Hash0x094d66243bffefa79b6d5d8ba55a01e45ca0e3a13c1a6cf27f757beaa2cd63ae
Gas Provided50000 Gas Used21000 Gas Price1100 Mwei

What I’d to do?
Best Regards

  • The tx is confirmed
  • The problem will be at the exchange ask them for help

The problem is that the bill on the MyEtherWallet shows:
Account Address
Account Balance
0.659948855293635968 ETC
Transaction History
How do I remove them?

What do you mean with remove them ?

Mistake. I want to get it.

If this is a wallet of another exchange you need to ask them.

Ask support of EXMO to get them back.

me too, 3 day and it’s not provided?