Sent ETC to ETH wallet

I sent ETC to ETH Wallet(Parity) Etherscan(confirmed) How can I get it out of Parity and into a Ethereum Classic wallet? It looks as if i need to obtain a the private key to unlock? TIA

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Follow these steps :

  1. MyEtherwallet
  2. Select Network ETC
  3. Select Send Ether and Tokens
  4. Select Private Key
  5. Enter your Private Key
  6. Send it to another ETC Address
  7. Done

It turns out Parity can also support etc in config chain=classic…I changed the settings and I now see the money…Should i switch wallets in your opinion??

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Well if you have access to the eth private key you can recover them that way. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until Commonwealth’s Address-to-Address messaging.

If you want to …

Software wallet

Hardware wallet

or just that one
or a just a wallet
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and remove closed-source maybe scam Jaxx please