Sent ETH to ETC wallet address [Solved - contact exchange]


Hello there! I accidentally sent ETH to a ETC address. Is there anyway to retrieve the ETH? I’m very disappointed… hopefully it can be fixed.


Yes, what wallet do you use ?


I sent the ETH from GDAX to my KuCoin ETC address. Thanks for responding, I really hope you can help!


So another exchnage wallet ?

Than you neeed to type to the support of KuCoin


KuCoin told me there is nothing they can do. :frowning_face:


So you send them into their wallet ?


Yes – I sent ETH from GDAX accidentally to my ETC address in KuCoin. Was trying to send to my Kucoin ETF but the logos look so similar… I made a mistake.


KuCoin controls the keys so they could resolve it if they really wanted to put in the work to.


Where you ever able to resolve this issue ! it just happened to me !


@rafael_amsili - Sorry your having this issue. If you haven’t contacted Kucoin support definitely do that first. As Mario & Anthony said above the exchanges control the keys

Let us know if Kucoin fails to resolve your issue, well try to help any way we can.

All the best!


People I also have this problem I sent my ETH purse Jaxx on the wallet of the exchange YoBit but with the wrong wallet instead of ETH sent to ETC support exchange is not responding tell me what to do. Thanks for earlier.


Unfortunately, if you sent the wrong coin to the wrong exchange address there’s nothing we can do with your tx and KuCoin. Samething for @daaj However, the folks at KuCoin and YoBit should be able to help you out. This has happened many times, to many users, with many different coins, on many exchanges - pretty common.

Hope it works out!


hi,i’ve one question, by mistake one of my token is sent to classicetherwallet,which doesn’t support that is it possible for me to send back those token to supported wallet and how can i do that.i hope you have a solution for these as well.
thank you


Sorry your having troubles :confused:
Can you please provide the following:

  • Transaction ID
  • Addresses, Receiving & Sending
  • Exchange used (if one was used)

Any details about the transaction is helpful. Again sorry your having this issue.


Transaction ID: 0x9a5c89e8ac802f29921d52e03175bd9e53b4877ec2c934ccedbc14b4524caeeb
from : 0x4a6058666cf1057eaC3CD3A5a614620547559fc9
to : 0x5945E6f7fD07997F597cBBBb5bc7fcC71b2A439d
no exchanges was used it was my mistake,instead of MEW i put CEW address
those above mentions are details.i hope it will help to solve my issue
thank you


Could you clarify, did you send ETC, ETH, or another token to ClassicEtherWallet?

If you have access to both wallets you can just “log in” and select the appropriate network on the top right.


no its neither ETC nor ETH because i put a CEW as receiving address in they send that token in my CEW which doesn’t support that token.


Do you have access to the receiving address? If so, just take your private key (with the token) back to MEW or a supported wallet like Saturn Wallet

May I ask what token it is?


yes i’ve access to the receiving can i take back to MEW.i’m quite new in this. its a brickblock (BBK)
thank you for the help