So finally, etc miners must buy ASICs


thats not true; in ebay are riggs ready to work out of the box. And if yo check in ebay or in amazon, are only a few old cards. And suppose that someone find old cards; R8 and R9 series need more power; for example, a r9390x 340w 22 mhs (i have one) r9 280x 300w and 16 mhs (i have 2) if you compare with rx480 (85w and 27mhs). Where is the profit? less hash, more power, more diary pay… the DAG reduction only be good for ASIC.


that’s because ETC pay less than ETH, If ETH block ASIC or go to POS, we will see massive hashrate. In this moment, even Metaverse (ETP) pay more than ETC. If i im on ETC its for the project itself, and in the long run have good average (less than ETH, but close). Some miners use nicehash or autoswitch to better profit. ETC DEVS want massive hashrate or BITMAIN give some hash (That happend with ricardo spagni in XMR, but he say “your mom” and go public).


Point 5 is not true. We’re looking at ways to combat ASIC centralization. Bricking ASICs is a great way to ensure that Bitmain can tweak their chips a bit and sell a new set of miners while cutting out other potential manufacturers. Plus they’d have more forks to mine on.

I’m already making inroads talking to some other miner manufacturers.

Also no, emission rates for blocks will automatically readjust. There won’t be more coins than planned.

I’ve been for a decentralized ETC since the start. GPU miner centralization is currently at 44%. PoW seems to tend towards centralization (as any resource-limited endeavor does). None of this is ideal.

Also agree with your points on “code is law”. To me it means that code is law when deployed on our chain. The rules and history of your contracts and transactions continues unimpeded. It doesn’t mean no network changes or upgrades (but does exclude ones which would violate this).


To add to this. No one is changing the DAG requirements without large agreement. We’re only discussing possibilities. There’s no code written or tests conducted yet.


@ClassicIsComing @Dontpanic @anthony

Among the possibilities we discuss, maybe PoS should be one of them? I know many people have invested resources to mining, but I think that if given a suitable transition period, a transition could happen in a way that does not harm those that helped build this network.

Basically I see these issues with PoW:

  1. This whole ASIC conundrum.
  2. I think certain economic principles are more magnified in PoW compared to PoS (debatable).
  3. The environmental issue our species is facing is exacerbated by producing the hardware and electricity to run the system.
  4. Users of Ether Classic must indirectly pay for the hardware and electricity to run the network.

I know that PoS is not absolutely perfect, but it does seem a lot better (to me at least). Even if we debate points 1 and 2, there is still 3 and 4 that are very solid points. What do you guys think?


I finish reading that ETC will not allow ASIC this is true? I think how you should be the miners, the small investors, the democracy if you decide or not to make a major change


so finally what??? time is running and noone of dev says officially nothing…we DONT have time to lose…so what hell is going on???’

…now ASIC for Zcash… ofmg… i see innear future all GPU MINER supporting XMR!! iF asics dominates mining activity in mayor coins…then the genuine decentraliced one will be XMR!


cuando el peso de los dias hacen mella en el fragil recuerdo de las personas, ciertos temas van quedandose en el fondo del baul de los recuerdos…este silencio complice hace que poco vaya normalizandose mas y mas la aceptacion de estos endiablados ASIC…me da tedio este silencio complice que no propugna por la descentralizacion mientras a pleno pulmon gritan “SOMOS DEMOCRATICOS (WE ARE DEMOCRATIC)”… cuantos mas dias pasan bajo este grueso y silencioso telon de la amenaza ASIC, mas conviccion pierdo en esta nuestra querida comunidad… que diferencia hay entre mastercard y bitcoin-bitmain?? …just wondering…


I agree with most here, i think @techtot has summarized it in a good way.
I dont like to see what is happening with BTC happen to ETC. Sure BTC is secure but who owns the power?
ASIC’s are very very hard to get and even if you manage to get it you will loose money since delivery time is very long. Also support is non-existent.
Are we willing to let one or two companies be the future of our network security and have the control?
GPU mining is as of now the only option as i see it.
Better to have a slow and organic grow that to shun people and let the big corps move in and profit i say.
Hopefully we are as we say decentralized and this will come to a vote. Judging from this thread the indication is that most do NOT prefer ASIC mining.
ps. i’m also mining ETC right now even if its not the most profitable chain.


so what did community decieded about our “loving” ASICS??? we still keep without solutionc???


hey guys,
Im quite new on mining and just today I turn my riggs on etc as before they were turned on eth for half of mounth. I believed that this coin have better profit in long-term but I just readed this article and now im confused… So what’s the answer? If it’s going to be mineable with ASICs i should to look out for another coin to mine… Is it a fact that etc will be mineable with powerful ASICs with low electricity? Or you guys just discussing about that and are not sure?

Im young man and I just invested every money I had to mining to get more them in future. Really don’t want to burn here and throw everything away because that was everything I had.

Please answer me if it’s fact.
Thank you.


I am still enough young (i guess XD) and ASIC for ethas algo is a reallity… i trayed to argue about this issue betting for ASIC resistance…but here is not official answer to this so with their silence i guess that they mean that yes, there are and there will much more ASIC…


they will not be mineable by ASICs. this article was writen in May 9.
I’m sorry for url.


thankyou very very much!!! really thankssss you making me the most happiest man in the world!!! thank you dude!!! i will keep supporting ETC FULL NODE and MODE! XD XD thanks for bringing me again a believeness in The Green One!!!

long life to decentralization!!!


I’ve bought 16 asics, they are quite nice and h/s is like x6 rx580. And mind it- im not a bitmain member, im just a casual miner. What is wrong with you? Its not a big difference what equipment ppl will use. For example: why ppl r not yelling about u mining with GPU? Imagine how nice it could be to mine with CPU. So…im sorry u r not up with time and suffering coz your income is going to vanish, but its only your problem and ppl who dont want to invest in equipment.


yes…agree with u…i do blieve that this bitmain forsure already mine some etc/eth … “test the miner” is a words which is practise by that asics developer.:slight_smile:


basically we have comment enough reasons wehy we do not like asics…read all the post


they only reason now, what i see is: we just bought equipment and its outdated. its your problem, not a problem of community


yeah, it is my problem and the great mayority of miners…but it doesnt matter. i am not going to change my way of thinking, neither you…so cada cual en su casa y dios en la de todos


So u prefer to be outdated. The funny moment: a guy with cryptoideas tries to be outdated as fiatholders, lol. rly funny/


It is so frustrating! what’s a crypto coin without decentralized mining and how can it would be decentralized if you should buy specialized hardware from your greedy competitors? heh???

The commodity devices miners use are not outdated! What the fuck are you talking about? It is a responsibility for the community to keep mining safe against specialized hardware because it puts everybody in danger, including users.

Thanks god, etc isn’t a property of a stupid ex-teenager but I see his followers are actively fooling this community with the same discourse and lies.

Forking to an ASIC resistant algorithm like what Monero did successfully is a brilliant idea that should be taken in consideration very seriously and urgently. It is a great opportunity for etc to put eth behind by attracting more hashpower and securing its network.

Vitalik is busy ruining ethereum and I bet in less than 2 years we would have Ethereum as a failed project, etc has to fill the gap, it should be ready to fill the gap. STFU and get ready.