So finally, etc miners must buy ASICs


“how can it would be decentralized if you should buy specialized hardware”- GPU’s r specialized hardware also. No big difference in decentralization if u have asic or GPU rig at your home, mining etc.
I see no danger in ASIC mining- again: no difference what u r using.
Didnt understand a part about teenagers, coz its non-sence, to be true- u act as a kid.
Speech about 2 years from now on- is stupid, coz noone knows what will be in 2 years. Again: u act like a stupid kid, fooling around with ideas u dont know how to implement, or how things work out.


Since when a gpu is a specialized hardware? heh?
I can run any computation intensive application including and not limited to machine learning, ray tracing, simulation, … you are fooling yourself or what?

“Didnt understand a part about teenagers …”
Do you understand anything at all?
Obviously I’m mentioning the very fact that etc has broke up with Vitalik and it has no obligation to listen to his stupid followers who haven’t grown up properly to understand what a PoW coin is and why it should be defended against ASICs and specialized mining equipments.


how long did you mine kid?

what is funny is looking a kid miner talking to classic supporter shits… good luck boy, but it is obvious that first man who dont know code is you…keep ETC decentraliced!!!

the most frustrating thing is dev’s silent on this point…here we are a lot of classic ETC supporters who asked this…where is the dev’s proposal???


lol, this mining is a couple years old, and some fag who used to mine for a couple of years is talking shit about beeing an oldschool. Kid, take some advice, get lost with such words.


sure sure :wink::wink:


i think for small hashrate you still can get stable payout with pps system like at our etc pps pool (etc. nusapool. com)