State of Ethereum Classic Infrastructure



I’d like to start a discussion of the state of ETC infrastructure. Having led a development team on both ETH and ETC chains I can’t help but notice that there’s a bunch of little things that take up unnecessarily long time to address in order to properly launch on ETC. Some projects, while perfect candidates to run on ETC for ideological reasons, simply can’t run on ETC due to lack of existing infrastructure.

Instead, we see ETC cooperative trying to fund for-profit startups through ETC labs. Honestly, I don’t think that’s gonna help ETC at this stage without the right infrastructure in place. IMO the only value in that program is getting access to IOHK’s Charles Hoskinson in order to learn whether to buy or dump Cardano based on information you can extract from him at the bar after a couple of drinks.

Please read the sneakily-linked article (again, no offense @anthony, you are only mentioned because you’re coop’s public figure, in terms of personal contribution I’m glad ETC has you) and let’s discuss it and how the situation can be improved.

Article URL: rados(dot)io/state-of-ethereum-classic (sorry, can’t post links on this forum, hence ugly format)


Link to the article:


ETC Cooperative, ETC Labs, and IOHK are separate entities. We have nothing to do with each other in a financial sense, and largely work on separate ETC-related projects as well.

Really want to clarify the misinformation around this and no idea how anyone has drawn these conclusions.

If you have an actionable list of pain points / infrastructure needs I’d love to hear them.

I also agree there’s more to do infrastructure wise but many things are there (block explorers, public endpoints, wallets, node software, etc.). I’ve personally had little issue deploying contracts on ETC. One of the biggest issues at the moment is MetaMask/ClassicMask which was never an ETC Cooperative project and was started and funded prior to the ETC Cooperative starting a more active role. We’re seeing what we can do here.

Happy to hear other points as well, please let me know.