Syncing blocks 0.00%


The first time I opened it, it’s stuck at “Syncing blocks 0.00%”. It’s been like this for almost an hour.


This is a very common issue - happened to me as well. If it lasts for more than a few minutes check your internet connection and restart. If its stable and continues.

Then try resetting the blocks on your machine.


Type %appdata% on the explorer’s address bar
Open Daedalus folder
Delete the content of DB-1.0


On the Finder’s menu bar select Go
Click Go to Finder
Type ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus
Delete the content of the DB-1.0 folder

Make sure you have your mnemonic phrase written down, as this is the only way you’ll be able to recover your funds if anything goes wrong.


If this doesn’t work you may want to try syncing your computer’s clock with a time server. On mobile so don’t have specific directions but Google “sync system time”.


Well I don’t know how but I launched the application today after 2 days and it’s working awesome.

The wallet is just amazing, neat and clean, and I’m lovin’ using it. :slight_smile:


i also have same issue with the new mantis client 1.0 …
i also follow ur step
Type %appdata% on the explorer’s address bar
Open Daedalus folder
Delete the content of DB-1.0
but when i open daedalus folder that is not have DB-1.0 …so what can i do now for syncing back the block ?


Explanation coming from the Grothendiek team.

TDLR: The Mantis Client connect to nodes to Fast Sync and that’s why the progress stays at 0%. You can download the Bootstrap file to expedite the process.


Yes Bootstrap the ETC db as recommended. Otherwise downloading the states may take a while, with no change in the % however if you open up the Mantis Logs you will notice the client receiving blocks.

Once the states are synced the blockchain can then be downloaded and you’ll notice a change in x.xx%. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are working on a screencast demo on how to download, verify, install, and configure Mantis Daedalus Wallet.


@alanv_iohk_mantis and @alan_iohk_mantis sounds like you need a visual indicator for this part of the syncing.


Yeah that would be a good idea - right now users can only open the Mantis.log and see it updating.

The team is working on a short video now


Yes, you are completely right. it might be a little confusing for the end users. A short video with a step by step showing how to deal with this is coming in a couple of days (it’s currently in post production).