Ted Henderson III - Computer Science


Hello Everyone,

My name is Ted Henderson III (Ted3.0). I am currently completing my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso IN, United States. I intend on staying here at VU to obtain my Master’s in Cyber Security. My passion for computers and cryptography is what brought me into the crypto realm. I intend on becoming a blockchain developer after graduation. I am here to learn, share ideas, and teach people about the technology behind the currencies.


Welcome Ted! Happy to have you here. Feel free to ask questions and join the Discord if you want to do more realtime chat.


:wave: Welcome


welcome, glad to see someone with compsci background :+1:


Hey Ted, good to have you in the forum! Blockchain tech. development will become incredibly lucrative as time goes on :smiley:

Smart choice :+1:


Hey bro u are welcome