Testnet Improvement Proposal [COMPLETED]


I created a volume first and just use the same volume for both instances


It would be really helpful to have a block explorer running for this network (we did observe some splits when testing with Mantis)


Hi @radek_mantis we actually have two explorers. gastracker.io which has been around as long as we have, and etherhub.io which @Coryvmcs1 is re-launching (please see Block Explorer Proposal [In Progress / Taken]).


Just FYI: I’m running a full node on testnet, and I also mine. Server is located in Poland. I’ll redirect coins to faucet and configure monitoring soon.


@anthony yes, I’m aware of that. I’m asking in this thread because I would love to see a blockchain explorer for the testnet (sorry, I thought “this network” was an obvious reference, since “testnet” is in the topic).

I don’t believe neither gastracker_io or etherhub_io have a capability to view the testnet. Or am I missing something?

Meanwhile, in Ethereum HF they have a selection of test networks that can be tracked via an explorer: testnet.etherscan.io

Nb. the main problem with the current testnet for us is that we don’t even know where it’s at. What we observed is that there are likely some rogue nodes there (probably not following the latest EIP/ECIPs) who are giving us a false picture.


I see, that is a good point. We do need a testnet browser and I believe @Dontpanic is working on a docker image that incorporates one. Definitely going to add getting a hosted testnet explorer to my TODO list.

As for the rogue nodes we’re looking into that and at the moment geth produces the real testnet chain.


@etherninja @bakon @MatthewCroughan @Techjar

I’ve just received the funds for the testnet. I’ll be sending you the funds for the compensation portion as well as the first month’s hosting either tonight or tomorrow. The USD/ETC exchange rate funds are based on is $39.07.

@etherninja I don’t believe I have your address yet. Can you message me it?


Payments for setting everything up and the first month’s hosting have been sent. Thank you all!

Got a good looking set of testnet nodes here: http://teststats.epool.io/

And here’s the faucet: http://testnet.epool.io/


@etherninja @bakon @MatthewCroughan @Techjar

I need to send you all the payments for the next 2 months of hosting. I plan to send this on Monday so please confirm before then that the addresses you provided previously will be good from now through the foreseeable future.

Please also inform me ahead of time if you need to change addresses. As per the original payment schedule the payment after this one will be in 3 months, and then in 9 month intervals until we hit 24 months.

Lastly it seems a couple of the 4.2.0 clients are behind on blocks. Please make sure to address this. My guess is it may be related to using --sputnikvm or something. Which if it is then it would be great to also inform ETCDEV if you have any logs/input for them.


I fired up two nodes using geth 4.2.0 with no sputnik, but still no luck.

I’m going to downgrade to 4.1.2 and see if it goes.


So looks like it’s geth 4.2.0 it self on morden chain that is having problems sputnik or not sputnik.

As soon as I switched back to 4.1.2 it synced right up.

4.2.0 with -sputnikvm does work great on mainnet chain.


I’m new to this. Hey what do you think will be the price of an ETC in the near future? :slight_smile:




Welcome @luanbaba

This isn’t the place to discuss price, if you want to then you can try #trading-and-investment or the #trading channel on our Discord: https://discord.gg/HW4GckH


@etherninja @bakon @MatthewCroughan @Techjar

Sent payment for the next 2 months of hosting. Great job everyone!


@anthony address is good into foreseeable future.


i can help start one up from NEW ZEALAND… what say?