The New Internet of Value: Connecting ETH and ETC – Dragonchain – Medium


In case you missed it (I know I did) Dragonchain has implemented ETC into their interchain network. This is confirmed by Dragonchain CMO Jonel Cordero over Twitter.

The below article details exactly how they approached this.


It would be great if we could seriously connect our Ethereum with our Ethereum Classic. Maybe the developers will find a good use for Ethereum Classic in the near to long term.


Well, you can already do this as demonstrated with the above and PeaceBridge ETC - ETH bridge. Also, with Saturn Wallet developers can move their project from ETH or build their ETC dapp much more easily than before.

Devs are slowly moving to other networks (should be coming straight to ETC) and porting their apps to whatever network. We have a community meetup this week in NYC with a few dev community members. :thumbsup: