The status of this forum

I am curious if there is anyone moderating or administrating here any more. The topics of discussion seem stale. There are also some obviously spam posts visible.

So who’s running the show around here? Is this forum just dead space now?

I am checking mostly the Forum if you see some spam feel free to report it. PS you could also unblock me from the main ETC Group on Telegram.

I am not a Telegram user.

So this isn’t you ?

Hmmm guess I this is also not you Twitter Profile ?

And this Chat is also faked (Telegram btw) :wink:

Then I need to tell you I am sorry to tell you that
This username is already used

Btw no proof found but you had this profile picture you have now on the Forum for a long time on Telegram…

Btw we even talked once about it on Telegram … Yeah sure why should I sned you a random user from a Forum …

Your linkedin I guess

If you feel in any chance attacked let me know I will emiteatly remove this reply

As I have already said, I am not now nor have I ever been a Telegram user.

No, that is not my Twitter profile. My Twitter profile can be found here.

The LinkedIn profile you referenced is mine, though I can find no one in my connections or DMs named Mario. Have we spoken through LinkedIn?

Did the “Negative Nancy” person you spoke with on Telegram claim to be me? If so, apparently it is an attempt to impersonate me though I can’t see why. I will investigate. Thank you MM_MarioMichel for bringing this to my attention.


Never claimed but did some chating with him on Telegram. This Telegram user once mentioned as i aksed if it’s his Telegram user.