Transaction not provided?

why my transaction not provided for 3 days? it’s too slow or i lost my ETC?

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Is that a wallet of a exchange?

yeah! wallet of Bibox

what i can do now?

Type the support a email about your problem

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on gastracker? I type the support 2 days ago but haven’t received anything

Is it the correct address where you send the ETC to?

I have the same problem today - 28 Jan 2018! AND MY 8 ETC were not send. I found that my ETC balance became less on 8 ETC. But I can not see this transaction in my out transaction. Also other wallet did not get my 8 ETC. Who now what happen and why? I wrote in support But nobody answer

I have the same problem. Did you resolve this problem?

The transaction is confirmed where is the problem ?

Where it is confirmed. I am awating 5 houers. I do not see out transaction! And adress where I send 8 ETC also does not see input transaction! He did not get my 8 ETC. My wallet in Internet Why? What I should do?

Re do the tx

MM_MarioMichel What mean RE do the tx?

If your tx is not going out retry it

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I do not understand you. What mean “tx”? Where my 8 ETC? And what I should do?

My problem has been resolved. I saw my out transaction correctly only 5 minutes ago! They have writen me: ‘’ Transaction was processed on time, there were no problem with transaction. Gastacker user interface didn’t display it for a while, now fixed, thank you for reporting the issue.

Gastracker is a service to display public information from Ethereum ETC blockchain. The service can’t hold, reverse or affect in any way transactions that were processed on blockchain. ''
All Okey now )))

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yeh, it’s correct :slight_smile: still not provided

11.92 ether all there :grinning:

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@dokgo - MarioMichel meant type the support a email about your problem to Bibox Wallet NOT to Gastracker - the issue seems to be related to Bibox not the block explorer. :neutral_face:

So you sent your tx (Transaction) from Bibox to a separate wallet?

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Did you fix it @dokgo